Blackjack is a classic card game that is practically available in almost every casino in the world. It offers the ultimate casino experience where you get to experience the unending fun while showcasing your skill. Read more in this article and get insights on what Blackjack exactly looks like!


Online Casinos Blackjack

Traditionally, Blackjack was the center of attraction in most brick and motor casinos. With the ever-changing technology, you can now play the game from the comfort of your living room on a computer or even a tablet. With online Blackjack, players can now enjoy even more game versions.

Just like virtual blackjack versions and variations played in land-based venues, the live blackjack portfolio adds new side bets and interesting features to existing games and this keeps things even more interesting. With Live Blackjack you can chat with the dealer and other players.

How to Make Bets

To begin an online blackjack game, you need to wager an amount on a hand. The betting range may vary among casinos, but the common amounts are $1, $5, $25 and $100. Once your bet is placed, you can click on the deal button to receive your cards.

Playing your Hand

Once the cards are dealt, you will have a few options to choose from such as Stand, Hit or Double Down. If you are dealt a pair, you will have an added option to split. The meaning of each option will be explained below.

What does Stand mean?

Stand is used to hold the total of your card and not request for additional cards. This is used when you feel that an additional card may cause your hand to burst. If your hand busts, the dealer wins regardless of his hand.

What does Hit mean?

Hit is used to request additional cards. If the value of the cards you are dealt is low and you believe getting more cards can get you to 21 or closer, then using hit is the best call. Hit is the most used action in Blackjack.

What does Double Down and Split mean in Blackjack?

Double down is another thrilling option that can be used during the middle of a game to double your bet in exchange for an additional card. It is a risky option to use, but it can sometimes be beneficial when you use it appropriately.

Split is an option that you can use when you are dealt with identical cards (pair). It is used to split the hand into two different hands to increase your chances of winning. When used, your bet will be doubled as a result of the two hands.

How to win

Once you have selected your action after the card is dealt, whoever has cards valued at 21 has blackjack and wins. If no one has a blackjack, the closest number to 21 wins. If the value of your hand exceeds 21, the hand bursts.

Play Online Blackjack for Free

The game rules used in online blackjack are similar to playing it in a landbased casino. Some online casinos offer blackjack in free mode which is a good way that you can use to learn how the game is played, especially if you are totally new to the game.